9 months
22 sprints,

Redesign the website.
Develop a user-friendly catalog.
Give users easy access to daily news.

UX Designer
UI Designer
Back-end (2)
IT Director

New Website

First, we worked with the client and the agency Gennial to identify the features each user would need when visiting the website. Then, we singled out the most important ideas:

  • Product catalog
  • Real-time news on the grain market
  • Weather by location
  • All the company´s news
  • Updated commercial conditions

A Portal
for Federal Distributors

We developed a platform to communicate with distributors.
A tailor-made management system where YPF Agro can send, group, and organize

its communication materials. Also, it can manage all recipients and send them brief messages with news.


Management System
File sharing

Product Catalog

We created three navigation flows for the product catalog. Each user could access the catalog with the fewest clicks according to their habitual use of the platform:
1. Search bar
2. General categories
3. Specific categories depending on type of plague or crop.

  • image
  • image
  • image

API Integrations
Integration of grain market
prices and weather
adjusted to location 03


We have more than 100 distributors across the country and we needed a platform to be in close contact with them. Apart from the extranet, it was necessary that our website also brought us closer to our distributors.
We wanted a platform that our distributors could visit daily and learn all the news. 20DEDOS fully met our expectations and we achieved our goals.

Digital Marketing,
YPF Agro

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