8 months
14 sprints

"Campaigns have to be transformative"
Website Performance
Corporate Identity
Automate Quoting

UX Designer
UI Designer
2 Back-end

17 Responsive

Smart Sales

We focus on the architecture of information and the catalogue of products, taking into account the two types of users we have identified.

We have developed several commercial tools to support a campaign with high investment without the need to incorporate or train vendors.

We have worked both in the visible and invisible areas to automate their sales funnel.

  • SEM campaign
  • Product catalog
  • Detailed quotation
  • Second contact
  • Sale closing
  • After-sales service
  • SEM campaign
  • Product CMS
  • Detailed quotation
  • Vendor assignment
  • Sale closing
  • Custom CRM

Accurate Online Quotation Maker

The commercial team needed a tool to quote and classify types of leads (recurring, new, by geographical zone, by company) to implement direct selling strategies. That is why we digitized the first stages of the conversion funnel.

Custom Customer
Relationship Management

Thanks to the customer management system, our team can control the flow of leads from campaigns. Each customer draws up a budget in PDF format, which is sent automatically. At the same time, the information is recorded in the CMR system, where the company can filter, group or assign prospects to its different vendors, and see how many contacts their vendors communicate with per day.

A custom-built system
to meet the needs
of its sales area.

Working with 20DEDOS was very satisfactory. They offered us their services in various projects related to digital development and they always met the deadlines we set. I really appreciate their cordiality and responsibility.

Currently, we are working together to develop an app on our website. We choose them every time.

Nato Bresanovich
Marketing Representative, Biscayne Services

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